I approach therapy from a foundation of honesty.


I am the founder of Big Tree Mind, a teacher of yoga and meditation, and a practitioner and advocate for mindful, creative and authentic living. I am the creator and host of the Big Tree Mind Wellness podcast and “Stop, Practice and Rest” Vimeo and YouTube series. My “Sustainable Shifts: Awareness of Moods and Habits” workshops have been a place of support for students interested in long-term and sustainable habit change. I am also a long-time yoga and meditation teacher at Modo Yoga Studios in Toronto.

I graduated from Concordia University in Montreal and am a student therapist at The Gestalt Institute of Toronto. I am passionate about mindfulness practice, creativity and exploring how we connect to ourselves and our work. I am actively involved in youth outreach and mentorships with the New Leaf Foundation and Aboriginal Mental Health & Addiction Program. I have dedicated a decade to studying trauma, anxiety and addictions. I believe wholeheartedly that awareness, yoga and meditation are tools which support the nervous system and contribute to clarity, focus and awakening.

services and pricing

Sessions are sliding scale and range from $85-$125 for a sixty minute session.

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