Exploring our Inner Child -
Day Long Workshop with Lana Lontos



What The Workshop Is About

This workshop is about connecting to our inner child and creating new tools for communicating with this part of ourselves.  There is no definite definition to what this is for each person, but it is some part of us that exists within our deep core that we must take care of and listen to. 

Some teachers say that meeting and establishing a relationship with our inner child is the easiest way to get enlightened. I say this half-jokingly but it does feel true for me.

This relationship will support your practice, your self-care routine and will help you make day-to-day decisions more swiftly. You will acquire tools learn to go inwards and connect to what is really required of you to be at peace with yourself in the moment. When I feel indecisive this is how I know what to do next. We will have time to express and integrate with opportunities to share as much or as little as you like.


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Moksha Uptown


1498 Yonge St, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M4T1Z6 Canada