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WORKSHOP SERIES: Exploring Challenges of Self-Employed Professionals and Creative Entrepreneurs

Thursday, April 11

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Dirt Underneath Actor’s Space (map)

This workshop has been developed to help those who are self-employed, including entrepreneurs and those working in creative industries, learn how to charge appropriately for their services. It is the first of a series created by Dr. Cynthia Chan and Lana Lontos to support the challenges of self-employed people.

It is a common challenge for those working for themselves to know how much is reasonable to charge clients. The equation of figuring out the value of a service needs to take into consideration: how you value your time, your self-care practices, how much extra time goes into the preparation and travel and the flow of your work schedule.

Learning Objectives:

1. Tapping into your intuition and listening to your body to help you make decisions

2. Figuring out what the right amount is to charge for you, that honours your work ethos and experience, and what that amount feels like in your body

3. Streamlining your work schedule to maximize energy flow

4. Learn how to confidently communicate your fee schedule to your clients

Dr. Cynthia Chan has been self-employed since 1997. She has worked steadily as a chiropractor for over 20 years currently co-owning a large multi-disciplinary health practice (kingwestchiropractic.com) in downtown Toronto. In 2014 she and her husband John also opened a professional acting school, where she is the Administrative Director. In 2018 Dr. Chan received her coaching certification (cynchancoaching.com) and began collaborating with Lana Lontos on group workshops.

Lana Lontos is the founder of Big Tree Mind, a teacher of yoga and meditation, psychotherapy student, and a practitioner and advocate for mindful, creative and authentic living. Lana's "Sustainable Shifts: Awareness of Moods and Habits" workshops have been a place of support for students interested in long-term and sustainable habit change. She is passionate about mindfulness practice, creativity and exploring how we connect to ourselves and our work. She has dedicated a decade to studying trauma, anxiety and addictions. She believes wholeheartedly that awareness, yoga and meditation are tools which support the nervous system and contribute to clarity, focus and awakening.

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** Workshop will be limited to 16 participants **

How to register:

Step 1: Fill out our registration form here.

Step 2: Please e-transfer the registration fee to lana@bigtreemind.com

Registration Fees:

Early-Bird Deadline (Friday March 29) - $40.00

Regular Deadline (day before workshop, Wednesday April 10) - $50.00

Same day (Thursday April 11) - $60.00 cash at the door